About Cootbie

A little more about us

We are Ernie, Alexander and Edward, Founders of Cootbie. We met a year ago, brainstormed some of the challenges job seekers face and saw the same problem: poor candidate experience. It doesn't have to be this bad and candidate experience can improve. Hence; we set up Cootbie to lead that change.

We want to lead the change. And there is one way we are trying to do that. Amplify your voices by gathering job seekers' experiences, share them with employers and drive changes one company at a time.
Our mission is to amplify your voices by gathering job seekers' experiences
We have cofounders, interns and consultants around the world. From the USA, Iran, South Korea, the Philippines, Nigeria, Guatemala, Jamaica, Thailand and Ukraine. All work remotely and around the clock.
We are always looking to build out team with the best talent so please check out our Career section if you are interested in joining us.